Welcome to IMD Wellness - SPA Solutions, Inc.


IMD Wellness – Spa Solutions, Inc. was established in March of 2006. Its conception was borne out of the need to address the continuous demand for the best skin care products for spa and personal use in particular, and play a major role in the constant development of the wellness industry in general.

Primarily, IMD Wellness – Spa Solutions, Inc. is a wellness product distributor. We carry exclusive distributorship of world-renowned and leading wellness brands such as Babor from Germany, Clean + Easy from the US, and Sydney Essential Oils Company from Australia. We also carry other well known brands like White Egret Ear Candles from the US and Liquid Keratin also from the US, as part of our growing portfolio of beauty salon & spa brands.



Our Products...

  • Babor
  • Clean + Easy
  • Sydney Essential Oils Company

Our Services...

  • Training Services
  • Spa Consulting Services
  • Spa Management
  • Operations Services

Contact Us...

(632) 261-8239
(632) 477-9951